Our Story: The Story of Descorjet

Descorjet was born from the search for practical solutions to everyday tasks

The history of Descorjet Champagne Opener
Descorjet was born from the search for practical solutions to everyday tasks.

“Hugo Olivera discovered a need after meeting a friend who wiped out the wrists of both hands in pain after uncorking over 60 bottles of sparkling wine in a single night.”

It was shown that a task as simple as opening bottles of champagne needed a more practical and simple solution.

This problem soon became a challenge for a man with professional experience in the design and manufacture of spare parts.

After joining forces with renowned entrepreneur and inventor Eduardo Fernández, the original idea of ​​the easy bottle opener for cava, champagne and sparkling wine soon became a practical and functional prototype. Thanks to the help and dedication of investors and an active management team, they concentrated on the development and design of the corks for a single hand. Olivera quickly realized the effectiveness of the project. Thanks to the growing and personal dedication and together with the investors they created a new value adding the process of manufacture a creative approach and of simple design.

Following international success and recognition, it has been patented in more than 25 countries and has won awards at the International Exhibition of Invention in Geneva (Switzerland), at the Regala Exhibition and in the National Commercial Plan of Buenos Aires (Argentina) And it has been recognized as the best invention of the year by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Descorjet has awakened interest and commitment from distributors and retailers around the world by becoming the opener for easy-to-use sparkling wine bottles.

The development not only focused on the technical and functional part of the product, but also was completed with the aesthetic development of the opener, the design of the brand, the logo and the corresponding packaging for later marketing.